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Welcome to: The Christian Super-Hero Association (TCSHA) – “Harvesting Souls…Through God’s Super-Heroes!

Hi, Super-Heroes!  Welcome to the Official TCSHA WebBlog.  I’m Joshua K. Carpenter, Founder of: The Christian Super-Hero Association (TCSHA). Until our official TCSHA website is launched, it’s my hope that you’ll find this WebBlog resourceful and entertainable, that in which pertains to Christian Super-Heroes.

Check out, The Official Christian Super-Hero Universe – Enter Thy Kingdom, and also visit, TCSHAheroshop “The place to buy christian super-hero resources and stuff.”

Our vision is: “Harvesting Souls…Through God’s Super-Heroes!”, and nothing short of it. Not to denigrate Marvel/DC super-heroes, because I do enjoy them, and they have certainly paved the way with much respect. I simply believe the truth found in 1 Cor. 10:31, and that’s a reason as to why TCSHA exist today. Media is a threshold for a transcending generation that is in pursuit of Kingdom here on earth. This is another reason as to why TCSHA is dedicated to utilizing super-heroes, as Marvel/DC do, yet for the glory of Jesus Christ…the true and ultimate super-hero! We are dedicated to creating a massive christian super-hero entertainment industry and worldwide super-hero outreach for Jesus ChristWe continue to progress our strategic alliances with other companies and ministries  for invasive “evangel-tainment” (there’s a new compound word for you) and we promise to stay accountable, so we never lose focus of the mission, or the Man.

Again, thank you for your interest and time for checking out this WebBlog. See how you can be a part of TCSHA and feel free to contact us for anything. Oh, and check out the current available Christian Super-Hero resources and stuff HERE!

TCSHA, Founder – Joshua K. Carpenter